5 mistakes when decorating your dog's sleeping area

  1. You are choosing the wrong size
    Wrong size of dog bed can be wrong in many ways. An oversized dog bed can feel clumsy if the dog does not fill it. Too small a dog bed will prevent it from being used by the dog. To get the right size for your particular dog, measure the way on the floor where the bed is supposed to stand. This way, you can more easily visualize how big it is and if it will fit your dog.

  2. You do not think about the need
    What bed does your dog need? High edges, low or none at all? Thick mattress? Fluffy bed or with memory foam filling?

  3. Do not stare blindly at the design, but also think about the inside.
    How the bed is built from the inside can make a huge difference in the long run. "Cheaper" filling and fabric make many beds become flat and dull quickly. The bed then becomes a dull interior detail in the room and also does not fulfill its function of providing restful sleep to the dog.

  4. You forget the quality and longevity
    Buy a dog bed that fits into the home, but also one of better quality. Precisely because it pays off longer and provides a dog bed that has a long durability, both for the sake of the interior but perhaps most of all for the dog. The wear and tear principle is also not good for our environment where we have to reduce consumption. Invest in quality products even when you buy a dog bed! A tip is to knock out the price per night for several years and you will see what the actual cost will be.

  5. Think of the whole - color, shape & material
    Should the dog bed be in a base color or an accent color depends exactly on how you want to decorate the room. Many people choose a base color such as gray tones, and then you add a blanket or pillow as an accent color to the bed. Remember to match the bed in tones and materials with other details in the room so that it becomes a balanced whole. The shape should also harmonize with the rest of the room - round, oval, square or rectangular. Break off with a shape that is not in the room by the way, or use the same shape for a more neutral feeling.

  6. It is misplaced
    How the dog bed is placed can be decisive for the feeling in the room but also whether the dog wants to sleep there or not. With a poorly placed bed, the room ends up in imbalance, which makes it difficult to create a relaxing environment for both humans and animals. Try to place the bed with a wall in the back-edge, it gives the dog a safer environment and gives them a good view of the room. Feel free to place the bed close to where you sit and are, dogs are herd animals and want to be close.

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