Does the dog dream when it sleeps - and about what?

We have all heard and seen dogs like barking, fluttering their paws, girls with their ears, wagging their tails or even growling in their sleep. Sure, they have to dream, but what are they really dreaming about?

On average, a dog sleeps between 14-16 hours a day. Sleep is vital to them, just as it is to us humans. With the help of EEG, researchers have studied the dogs' eye movements during the so-called REM sleep, the sleep phase where both humans and dogs sleep most deeply. The results showed that even the dog's eyes move and the muscles twitch when they sleep, so they seem to dream in a similar way as we humans.

When studying the movements that the dog does in sleep such as. dig, run and lick their mouths, the researchers believe that they believe that the dog's dreams are reminiscent of humans - a processing of what happened during the day. Most researchers believe that dogs can even dream of memories, and things that happened earlier in life, but no one knows for sure. On the other hand, dreaming about the unknown or the future is a quality that only man possesses.

So then the question remains whether the dog can dream nightmares? If the dog can do it, you are pretty sure that it is not the same as we experience nightmares. Regardless of the type of dream, it is important not to wake the dog when he is dreaming. The dog's REM sleep is significantly shorter than for humans and is important for the dog's recovery and well-being. For dogs, REM sleep usually occurs within 15 to 20 minutes after falling asleep and can last only a few minutes. It also seems that dogs' REM sleep decreases as they get older, and that puppies dream more than adult dogs do.

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