Guide: buy the right dog bed

There is a lot to think about when buying a dog bed. What material? Washable or not? Which design fits at home? What design and shape suits the dog? The questions are often many, here we try to help you with the most important things to think about.

A quality dog bed lasts a long time, it benefits both you and the environment. Look for a bed that is durable and durable in both fabric and filling.

Good material
Starting from yourself, do you think it's nice to sleep on shiny and plastic materials? Maybe for a short while but not in the long run. Therefore, be sure to choose comfortable material on the bed, both on the outside and inside.

The dog is a family member like any other individual. That they should have a place to sleep that is located in the central parts of the home is important both for them and for us. An ugly dog bed is often hidden away because it does not fit with the rest of the home's interior, but a dog bed that is nice becomes part of the interior instead. Look for textiles that match the rest of the home, both because it is most comfortable for the dog but also because it provides a nice whole.

Model on dog bed
There are dog beds with high edge, low edge or no edge at all. To know what to buy, study how the dog prefers to lie down when it is resting. If it likes when it is quiet and calm around, maybe a higher edge is more shielding. Does it like to lie down and keep track, maybe a bed with a lower edge is preferable? Or if the dog likes to lie stretched out on the side, a model without a border is best suited?

Support and comfort
Although the design and impression of a dog bed is very important, it is still most important for us two-legged. One must not forget the inside of the dog bed, the one that should actually support the dog when it sleeps. The choice of fabric is also important because many dogs prefer to rest on soft textiles.

A dog bed should:

  • Provides good support for the dog's body.
  • Keep in shape for many years and hours of use
  • The filling, just like the dog bed's outer fabric and seams, must be durable and durable.

Sustainability and environment
"Be afraid of our earth, it's the only planet with dogs." We need to think about the environment and the generations that will live here after us. A dog bed with a clear environmental idea is good, e.g. filling that is recycled and clear restrictions at the factory where the fabrics are manufactured. Then it is a "nice" bed that is most gentle on both four-legged and two-legged family members.

Dogs trap and pull in dirt. It is therefore important to have a dog bed that is easy to wash, preferably in a machine to make it really easy. Just remember to protect the machine from dog hair and coarse dirt with a laundry bag.