Dog products with respect and consideration for nature

All our products are made with regard to our nature and the world around us. But in what ways?

1. The filling and fabric in our beds are made of recycled polyester or memory foam. Recycled polyester is produced from used and recycled plastic bottles and consumes less water, energy and natural resources.

2. Our dog beds are OEKO-TEX 100 certified

3. Our dog beds have a removable cover and are machine washable for easy cleaning

4. Our beds are made of high quality furniture fabric that is durable

5. Our beds are incredibly comfortable - it is a waste of both the environment AND money to buy a dog bed that your dog does not like

6. Our main production takes place in Italy and within the EU

7. Our toys are made of natural materials such as leather, jute and wool. Made from waste pieces that would otherwise be discarded.

8. Necklace and leash in vegetable tanned leather

9. Only 100% organic, Swedish meat in our dog candy