Why does the dog make the bed?

You may have seen some dogs scratch before they lie down? They walk around, around in circles, scratching and pulling on the ground before they come to rest. Sometimes they get up again and the procedure begins again. This is called dog bedding, do you know why they do that?

When the dog makes a bed, they are done regardless of the surface, soft or hard. It is a natural instinct from long ago. The dog's ancestors lived in shelters to be protected from predators and weather and wind.

Crushed leaves and grass together
In the lyan, the dog's ancestors dug a pit to sleep in. The pit tends to be warm and protective in winter, and cool in summer. With their paws, they then scraped together leaves and grass to lie down softly. The dog's trampling around, around the sleeping area before going to bed, aimed to scare away any dangerous animals that could hide, such as snakes, scorpions, rodents and insects. The trampling also gave a scent mark to the plastic for other dogs in the herd.

Give the dogs a blanket
In other words, the main reason why the dog makes beds is to create a safe and comfortable sleeping place. If you have a dog that likes beds, provide the dog bed with extra blankets. In this way, the dog gets an outlet to scrape together its "pile of leaves and grass" before lying down.