Which dog bed fits my dog - size, shape and model?

Just like us humans, dogs are different individuals who prefer to sleep in different ways and in different positions. Some are warmer, others frozen. This is related to both race and individual differences. To know which dog bed your dog should have, study the dog when it sleeps. Does it want peace and quiet in a delimiting, protective environment? Does it want to have some control over the home and preferably rest its head on one edge? Does it have a great need to stretch its legs or does it prefer to curl up like a ball? Does it like to make a bed? Also keep in mind that the dog's sleeping style may differ during the day. On the day when the dog has shorter sleeping times, some dogs prefer a sleeping position while during the night, which means more continuous sleeping hours, it may be different.

Choose the right model for the dog bed

To know which dog bed fits your dog and your home, you need to find out

  • What sleeping position does your dog prefer during the day?
  • What sleeping position does your dog prefer during the day?
  • Does your dog prefer to have an edge to rest his head on?
  • Does your dog want a quiet and peaceful environment when he sleeps or does he want to be aware of the surroundings?
  • Where should the dog bed be placed?


Which size of dog bed to choose can be difficult to experience, but is actually quite simple. Measure the length of your dog, from the snout all the way to the tail. The rule of thumb is to put on about 20 to 25 centimeters. Also study the sleeping position and measure how big the dog is when, for example, it is curled up, or on the side with outstretched legs.

If you buy a dog bed that is a little big for your dog, for example if you buy a bed for your puppy, feel free to fill it with a blanket. A dog blanket is also very good for dogs who like to make a bed, or to just fold over the edge to make the dog bed fit even better at home.

High, low or no edge?

A high edge on our models Castello and Mansion provides a protective, cozy and safe environment. It shuts out some noise and is suitable for dogs who want to be a little shielded when they sleep.

A low edge that on, for example, Bee MyBed II, Cozy Corner and Lounger is suitable for dogs who want to lie in bed and watch. Who like to get up a little with their heads both when resting and sleeping deeply.

A dog bed without an edge, for example our Power Nap, fits most dogs. There they can sleep as on the floor but much softer and more comfortable. Make sure the bed is large enough for the dog to stretch properly

To consider when choosing a dog bed

- Washable dog bed - An important rule when choosing a dog bed, regardless of size and model, is that the dog bed should be washable. Dogs get dirty and so does their dog bed.

- High quality - a dog bed will hopefully last for many years. Buy a dog bed of good quality, preferably a few kroner more expensive. If you buy a dog bed for SEK 1,500, it will be just under SEK 4 / night the first year. A relatively cheap investment in other words.

- Be sure to include both inside and outside - more and more companies are making dog beds that are designed. But also think about the inside and what the dog needs for filling to rest comfortably. A dog sleeps an average of 16-18 hours a day, which requires a dog bed with good relief. In other words, make sure you buy a dog bed that is as good looking as it is well built inside.