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12 products

Shiro & Malou dog treat is made from 100% Swedish, locally produced meat. A delicacy product for the dog, a craft from southern Sweden. Shiro & Malou 's dog treats is made from meat from animals that live well on Swedish farms and in Swedish forests. The lambs live mainly on the Gotland plains, the moose in the deep Värmland forests and the cattle are raised in well-controlled Swedish farms. We know that only healthy and prosperous animals deliver clean and tasty meat of the best quality. Something that our dogs are worth. 

Shiro & Malou natural treats is a delicacy, made only from 100% meat and no additives. The meat is first air dried at 72 degrees and then frozen immediately to maintain its high, good taste. Our climate-smart dog treat contains no preservatives, cereals or other additives.