About us

Have you also noticed that the dog likes to sleep in the bed or sofa? We have. Therefore, we decided to produce a dog bed that has the same lovable DNA as the rest of the home's interior. Both in terms of design and comfort.

Design is very important in everything we do , but we also know the practical needs of dog owners. How important it is with high quality, durable materials and products that are easy to wash. All our dog beds are hand-sewn in upholstery fabrics, not only for the quality but also to create a whole with other furnishings. It started with dog beds but today we design stylish and high quality dog products in more categories.

We think green for as long as possible - sustainability is important to us. This means, among other things, that the contents of the beds are produced from recycled PET bottles, recycled polyester and production takes place only in Europe. Most of our toys are Eco-friendly and made of natural materials such as leather, suede and jute. These toys are made from leftover debris that would otherwise be discarded. We also send our beds unassembled to save on the environment.

Hope you like what we do.

Mats & Ida
Team Shiro & Malou