Take care of your dog bed

6 tips - how to take care of your dog bed

Like other furniture and interior details, a dog bed is a utility item. After long-term use, it is natural for wear to occur. To make your dog bed age as nicely as possible, it is important to take care of it, take care of both the inside and outside, just like with any sofa or armchair. There is often a big difference between whether you take care of your dog bed or not, and the lifespan is usually extended by several years.

Vacuum it often. Dirt and gravel often accumulate in cracks and between cushions. To care for the fabric, it is good to use a nozzle for the vacuum cleaner that is intended for furniture.

When the dog rests on the filling, it is natural that it collapses to some extent. In order for the cushions to regain their fluffiness, it is good to shake them regularly. Take them out of bed and push them.

Change the side of the pillows
Just as a sofa can be pulled down if you always sit in the same place, a dog bed can also be worn unevenly. This is because the dog often gets his "favorite corner" or "favorite edge" to rest against. When you still shake the cushions, take the opportunity to change sides and turn them over so that the dog bed wears evenly.

Care for the fabric
We have chosen fabrics with care to have high quality and durability. We know how important it is that they are easy to clean and last a long time. If it becomes a large stain, make it a habit to immediately remove it with a cloth with lukewarm water and detergent. The dog bed's case is machine washable at 30 degrees, let it dry after washing.

Remove dog hair
A dog bed naturally becomes full of dog hair. It all depends of course on how much the dog sheds. To limit dog hair, it is good to brush the dog as often as possible, especially during shedding periods. To get it out of bed, we usually recommend rubber gloves that you pull along the fabric, or you can use a window scraper. Both parts are cheaper and more environmentally friendly than e.g. clothes rollers.

Keep the color
To maintain the original color of the fabric, it is good to keep the bed away from the sun's UV rays. At least the hours when the sun is at its strongest. Otherwise the bed can be easily bleached