Why should the dog have its own sleeping area?

Folded out on the kitchen floor or rolled up on the couch. Just because a dog can sleep everywhere does not mean that they feel good about doing so.

A dog sleeps about 16 hours a day and a puppy may need to sleep even more. That means about two-thirds of the dog's life. That the dog needs a good and safe place to sleep is therefore not an understatement. But what should a dog bed, dog bed or dog basket really do?

  • Security
    Like all other family members, the dog needs its own place. A bed where the dog can relax, feel safe and gather energy. A safe dog is a happy dog!
  • Cushion and support
    A good dog bed is soft and a place where the dog can rest his legs and joints. A thin blanket is not enough as a long-lasting sleeping place.
  • Adjust the heat
    The dog needs a place that insulates and helps regulate cold and heat.
  • Protect
    The dog's sleeping area can limit both hair and smell, or at least limit it to a place in the home.